Gas leak Emergency Call(How to deal with gas leak)

If you notice a gas leak…

Follow the instructions below and contact KITAGAS as soon as possible.

  1. Stop using any gas appliances and turn off the gas cocks and the meter gas cock.

  2. Open doors and windows for ventilation.


    Never use fire or anything that causes fire.

    Never touch switches for lights and extractor fans.
  3. Contact KITAGAS immediately!

    Lines are open for 24 hours a day.

    We will ask your name, address, phone number, about landmarks in your neighborhood, and about the situation. Customer services available only in Japanese.

    Gas leak Emergency Call:0570-009190(Navi Dial) Anywhere in Japan ※Incase Navi Dial is not available(on IP Phone) 011-792-8100

In the case of earthquake or fire, stop using all the gas appliances and turn off gas cocks. Remember to turn off the meter gas cock as well.