At the time of earthquake

The Intelligent Meter shuts off the gas supply automatically when a tremor with of a Japanese seismic intensity scale 5 and over occurs.

Please try to remain calm.
  • What to do at the time of an earthquake

    1. First, hide under a desk or a table as soon as you feel a tremor. Your own safety is the most important priority.

    2. After the tremor has stopped, turn off all the gas cocks and then turn off the meter cock.

  • If you smell gas

    Open the doors and windows for ventilation, and contact KITAGAS.

    Never use fire. Never touch switches for electrical appliances, either.
  • Before using gas again afterwards

    Make sure there is no smell of gas, and then open the gas cocks.

    Use the appliances as usual if gas is supplied. If no gas is supplied, check the light on the Intelligent Meter and follow the instructions on how to resume the gas supply.
In the case of earthquake or fire, stop using all the gas appliances and turn off gas cocks. Remember to turn off the meter gas cock as well.